Art for Everyone

We invite everyone to experience art through our broad range of programs and events. They offer excitement, fun, inspiration, communication, and immersion according to your own needs and interests. Plus, discounts are available to members of the Kunstverein for many of our programs and some are even free of charge for everyone several times a year.

(Find an overview of our program on our German page: Please go to “Ihr Besuch – Angebote und Programm“)

Why do we believe that art is for everyone? Because art gives you the opportunity to open yourself to new experiences and expand your horizons. Art helps us understand and relate to our history, our culture and the crazy times in which we live. Art is a universal language that everyone can understand. However, art doesn’t always display this effect at first glance. Our programs facilitate many ways to approach art – whether at an intellectual, sensual, associative, or creative level.


Traditional formats such as tours, talks, and studio classes. Related formats like audio workshops, dancing to pictures, creative writing, and contemplative viewing. Well-designed projects and programs for nursery schools, schools, and social agencies: Our activities incorporate many different points of contact offered by the artworks found in our top-class collection.


We work with many partners from the areas of culture, education, business, and society to provide access to people of all ages and family backgrounds to cultural and aesthetic education and to provide a place for two-way conversations.

As a cultural platform for society, we want to bring people together. To do this we enter into partnerships with other institutions to build cooperative networks. One example is Art Unlimited! This is a day for everyone that includes multilingual programs with protagonists from different backgrounds (partner: AWO Bremen). Or joint art projects for adolescents from Bremen and refugees (partner: Wilhelm Wagenfeld Schule, Schule Alwin Lonke Straße). Or our picture viewings for visually impaired and sighted visitors (partner: Diakonie Bremen). Or our early childhood education program Von allen Sinnen! Kunst kitzelt Kinder (With All the Senses! Art Tickles Kids) (partners: Senator for Children and Education, KiTa Bremen, Robert Bosch Stiftung).

Our on-site program reaches out to those for whom the museum is too far or not yet accessible. We go to first entry and temporary accommodations for refugees, retirement centres, to prison, and schools and Kindergarten on the outskirts of the city or even outside Bremen.

Regional and cross-regional partnerships with schools, businesses, and persons involved in politics or the cultural sector renew the Hanseatic city of Bremen’s traditional promise to get involved “buten un binnen” again and again.

Are you interested in collaborating with the Kunsthalle Bremen? Are you a teacher at a school? Do you want to get involved with children or teenagers? Or do you have a new idea? If so, please contact the Kunsthalle Bremen’s education team.

Contact us:

Hartwig Dingfelder
+49 (0)421 - 329 08 199