Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to you have an exciting, inspiring time at the Kunsthalle. However, we do need to protect the works of art on display. Here, are answers to some of the questions we are often asked.

Why can’t I take my bag and jacket into the exhibition galleries?

Artworks are valuable and very sensitive. It is extremely important that we provide the best conditions possible for the exhibits in the museum, otherwise other institutions would not be willing to lend their works to us. A consistent thermal environment is crucial, otherwise the works can change – because wood, paper, cardboard, etc. can “breathe”. That is why, for example, it is necessary for you to leave jackets and coats in lockers or in the cloakroom – especially when the weather is bad.

Security is also of the greatest importance. When you check your bag, you ensure that we can avoid any damage that might occur if they touched the pictures. For this reason, our staff makes sure that visitors do not get too close to the works of art. At times, we use barriers and place some pictures behind glass.

Why is the light in some exhibitions so low?

Light is very harmful to works on paper since they can turn yellow when subjected to UV rays and the colours can fade. Think about what happens if you leave a newspaper in the sun for just one day! Therefore, we regulate the lighting to ensure that the works of art will remain in excellent condition for future generations.

May I take pictures in the Kunsthalle?

In general, taking photographs for private use is allowed at the Kunsthalle. However, please be aware that flash, tripods, and selfie sticks for smartphones are not permitted.Photos may only be taken for private use and are not allowed for commercial purposes. Please keep a safe distance to the artwork! Forwarding or selling photographs taken of worksunder copyright protection (= the artist is still alive or the maker has not been dead for 70 years) or uploading these photos to the Internet is a copyright violation and is subject to legal prosecution by the artist or the holder of rights. This can result in serious costs.
Please respect the privacy of other visitors and do not take pictures of anyone without their consent.You are not allowed to circulate photos with other people on them. For photographs that go beyond the above use, please e-mail our press office in a timely manner to receive permission to film or take pictures.
If necessary, you will need to secure the rights for copyrighted works yourself.


Floor Plan Kunsthalle Bremen (PDF | in German)
Floor Plan Kunsthalle Bremen (PDF | in German)
Visitor guidelines for the Kunsthalle Bremen (PDF - German)
Visitor guidelines for the Kunsthalle Bremen (PDF - German)