Kunst Unlimited

Kunst Unlimited! Encounters with Art for Everyone

Kunst Unlimited! A Day for Everyone – in the past few years this has been a special day to experience art at the Kunsthalle Bremen. In 2020, the Kunsthalle Bremen continues to offer a program that brings people together under the slogan Kunst Unlimited!. However, due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, this annual event at the Kunsthalle is held in a somewhat different manner. Beginning immediately, three Art Unlimited campaigns have been planned in the spirit of open arms and a culture of welcome.

Video education campaign, sending sculptures

In a new creative tutorial, museum educator Vanessa Hartmann shows children how easy it is to create a sculpture using just cardboard, scissors, brushes, and paint. Inspired by the busts on exhibit in the Kunsthalle’s collection, children are invited to construct their own heads or figures during the fall school holidays in Bremen.

The sculptures which the children create at home can be sent by mail or delivered to the cashier’s desk by 25 October 2020. Based on these entries, the Kunsthalle will stage a presentation.

Video instructions in Arabic, Russian, and Turkish can be found on the Kunsthalle’s YouTube channel:


Video tours of the collection in German, Arabic, Turkish, and Russian

You don’t always have to be physically present to experience the masterpieces at the Kunsthalle Bremen. The museum offers rotating online tours of the Kunsthalle on its YouTube channel. For Kunst Unlimited! The Kunsthalle is taking things one step further: In addition to German, three short tours by the museum director and curators on the topics of Images of People, The Forest, and Bremen and the World can be seen in Arabic, Russian, and Turkish.

The videos can be viewed for free on the Kunsthalle Bremen’s YouTube channel: Kunst Unlimited 2020

Raffle for Group Tours

In June 2020, a new presentation of the collection was launched titled 20/20 Vision: The Collection Remixed. To make this accessible to new residents of Bremen, the Kunsthalle is raffling off ten group tours of ten persons each to clubs, institutions, groups, and self-organized groups that are involved in integration, participation, and cross-cultural exchanges.
Dates for the tours can be set by the groups themselves. Tours are available in German and English. It is possible to bring along an interpreter.

To participate in the raffle, interested groups and initiatives should send an e-mail with the reference “UNLIMITED 2020!” to bildung@kunsthalle-bremen.de by 18 October 2020.

Winners will be notified by 23 October 2020.

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