For Art Today 50 Years of the Supporters’ Circle for Contemporary Art   11.09.2021 – 30.01.2022

For Art Today: 50 Years of the Supporters’ Circle for Contemporary Art

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Supporters’ Circle for Contemporary art in the Kunstverein Bremen. The Supporters’ Circle has sponsored an exhibition of contemporary art every year since 1971 at the Kunsthalle Bremen as well as providing funds for acquisitions.

This exhibition series has always played a defining role: A Gerhard Richter show in 1973 was followed by presentations of works by Antoni Tàpies, Andy Warhol, Walter Stöhrer, Emil Schumacher, Georg Baselitz, Jerry Zeniuk, Isa Genzken, Anna and Bernhard Blume, Peter Campus, Jörg Sasse, Norbert Schwontkowski, William Kentridge, Marcel Odenbach, Sarah Morris, Andreas Slominski, Thomas Hirschhorn, Mary Reid Kelley, Fernando Bryce and Rosa Barba.

To accompany the 50th anniversary celebrations, a richly illustrated publication about the Supporters’ Circle for Contemporary Art has been published in German and English. The book presents the impressive history of the Supporters’ Circle: it documents the exhibitions from the time of the foundation until today as well as the catalogues that often accompany them and the works of art that were acquired for the Kunstverein's collection in connection with the Supporters’ Circle. With texts by Angelika Bunnemann, Carola von Cossel, Elke Dubbers-Albrecht, Katharina Duckwitz, Eva Fischer-Hausdorf, Christoph Grunenberg, Ulla Momm and Dirk Wiechmann as well as artistic contributions by Peter Campus, Marikke Heinz-Hoek, Thomas Hirschhorn, Thomas Huber, Mary Reid Kelley and Patrick Kelley, Jörg Sasse and Wolfgang Wagner-Kutschker. Available for 19 Euros at the Kunsthalle Museum Shop (German edition: ISBN 978-3-935127-48-6 | English edition: ISBN 978-3-935127-49-3).

(Fig. exhibition overview: Otto Piene, The Proliferation of the Sun, 1967 (Detail), performance with hand-painted mm slides, gift from the Supporters’ Circle for Contemporary Art 1998, Kunsthalle Bremen – Der Kunstverein in Bremen / © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021)