Legal Notice

Kunsthalle Bremen
Der Kunstverein in Bremen
Am Wall 207
28195 Bremen
T 0421 - 329 08 0
F 0421 - 329 08 470

USt.ID: DE 114439728

Board of the Kunstverein in Bremen
Managing Board: Nicole Lamotte (Chair), Hans-Christoph Erling (Deputy Chair), Dr. Torsten Köhne (Accountant), Bernd Schmielau (Secretary), Andreas Niemeyer (Assessor)
Heike Ahrens-Kulenkampff, Elke Dubbers-Albrecht, Dr. Thomas Brabant, Rebecca Duckwitz, Dr. Yvette Gerner, Ulrich Keller, Lambert Leisewitz, Yvonne Reuter, Ute Schnurrer, Alexia Sieling
Government Representative: Carmen Emigholz, Thomas Pörschke, Prof. Dr. Eva Quante-Brandt, Claas Rohmeyer, Miriam Strunge

Party Responsible in the Sense of Press Law
Prof. Dr. Christoph Grunenberg (Director)

Bank Accounts
Sparkasse Bremen
IBAN: DE23 2905 0101 0001 0200 64

IBAN: DE47 2505 0000 1004 1060 00

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Press and Public Relations Kunsthalle Bremen

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