FERNANDO BRYCE 01.07. – 26.11.2017  

In his group of works Fernando Bryce reflects on international and geopolitical events of the twentieth century. He culls archives for print material which he then reproduces using his own slower method of ink-on-paper drawings. He is less interested in reconstructing history than in revealing ideologically-loaded imagery and the power strategies used in print media and films.

The exhibiton is made possible by the Supporter’s Circle for Contemporary Art in the Kunstverein Bremen.

Since 1971, the Supporter’s Circle has funded one exhibition of contemporary art each year and assists in the acquisition of works of art. The exhibition series has set benchmarks in art: The Gerhard Richter exhibition in 1973 was followedby by presentations of works by Antoni Tàpies, Andy Warhol, Emil Schumacher, Georg Baselitz, Isa Genzken, Anna and Bernhard Blume, Norbert Schwontkowski, William Kentridge, Sarah Morris, Andreas Slominski, Thomas Hirschhorn, and most recently Mary Reid Kelley.

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