Manet and Astruc   Friendship and Inspiration   23.10.2021 – 27.02.2022

Manet and Astruc: Friendship and Inspiration

Manet and who? Edouard Manet (1832–1883) is one of the most famous artists of the 19th century. Zacharie Astruc (1833–1907), however, is almost unknown as an artist today. Initially he made a name for himself as an art critic: he was the first to publicly defend Manet’s works. In the 1860s Manet painted him several times. With the Portrait of Zacharie Astruc of 1866, which is a part of the collection of the Kunsthalle Bremen, Manet created a programmatic statement on the taste of the avant-garde. Everything the two loved and discussed is contained in the painting – Japonism, Spanish fashion, the art of the Old Masters and music.

The exhibition at the Kunsthalle Bremen explores the shared interests of the artist friends and presents masterpieces by Manet alongside surprising paintings, sculptures and watercolours by Astruc. Paintings of well-known contemporaries such as Henri Fantin-Latour, Claude Monet und Pierre-Auguste Renoir illustrate the wider artistic context.

This exhibition is the latest chapter in a series of major exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Bremen on nineteenth-century French painters, such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustave Caillebotte and, most recently, Emile Bernard. A focus on the museum’s own holdings and new scholarly insights have elicited an enthusiastic response from the public. The Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and many other important collections are supporting the exhibition with major loans.

We are looking for friendship stories!

On the occasion of the Manet exhibition, the Kunsthalle Bremen is collecting videos of friendship stories. The friendly relationships in the exhibition make it clear: friends inspire each other, stand by each other in crises, they come and go. We are looking forward to receiving videos in which people talk about their friendships: Whether homage or obituary, we are looking for stories of friendships that will be presented in the context of the Manet exhibition.

The videos can be sent via download link (e.g. to:
(The video may be a maximum of 3:00 minutes long. It must be recorded in landscape format 16:9 and preferably submitted as mp4. The visual design of the video – monologue into the camera, voiceover over photo spread or similar – is up to the submitting person.)

You can also read more about the friendship between Édouard Manet and Zacharie Astruc on our Blog. (in German)

Art Break online (in German)

Manet's Journey to Spain

A special role in the exhibition is played by the shared admiration of Edouard Manet and Zacharie Astruc for the art and culture of Spain. Manet travelled to the country in 1865 after his friend Astruc had recommended a detailed itinerary, which Manet partially followed during his two-week stay.

Follow Manet here and travel virtually through Spain along the artist's itinerary at the time. (in German)

Interactive Travel Diary

Around the world with Manet! On the occasion of the Manet exhibition, the Kunsthalle has published an interactive travel diary in which adventurers young and old can record their own travel experiences: View the travel diary online (PDF).
The file can be downloaded for printing under Downloads at the bottom of this page.
The travel diary is in German language.

Goya and Manet: Revolutionary Etchings

In the accompanying exhibition, ˮGoya and Manet: Revolutionary Etchings“ (23 October 2021 to 27 February 2022), the Spanish painter and printmaker Francisco de Goya is presented and compared to selected prints by Manet in the Department of Prints and Drawings. Goya was an important source of inspiration to Manet.

Installation view „Manet and Astruc. Friendship and Inspiration“ (photo: Marcus Meyer Photography)

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Exhibition Catalogue:
The catalogue will be published at the start of the exhibition by Deutscher Kunstverlag (in German) and CEEH | Centro de Estudios Europa Hispánica (in English), over 320 pages, edited by Dorothee Hansen, with contributions by Jean-Paul Bouillon, Christine Demele, Sharon Flescher, Alice Gudera, Dorothee Hansen, Maren Hüppe, Gudrun Maurer, Édouard Papet and Samuel Rodary.
Museum edition Kunsthalle Bremen: € 34,- (no shipment)
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