Youth vs. Crisis A Generation in Search of a Future   13.05. – 10.09.2023

Youth vs. Crisis: A Generation in Search of a Future

In its anniversary year, the Kunsthalle Bremen explores the attitude toward life, aesthetics, fears, and hopes of today’s youth in its youth club New Perceptions founded in 2021. For the first time, the members of the group are working together with the curators of the Kunsthalle on an exhibition: “Youth vs. Crisis: A Generation in Search of a Future” examines the world view of young people, who have been dramatically influenced by the global crises of our time.

Youth club New Perceptions of the Kunsthalle Bremen. photo: Nicole Benewaah

The generation born around 2000 navigates the interface between physical and digital spaces as a matter of course. However, the flip side of this constant flood of information emerges when apps that are known for streaming dance moves and make-up tutorials suddenly stream live images of war into teenage bedrooms. The artworks in the exhibition reflect the complex issues that confront the youth of today: climate catastrophe and racism, a media hype focused on physi-cal appearance and the staging of (fake) identities, the loss of physical meeting spaces due to the pandemic and the streng- thening of digital communities.

Instead of hopelessness, the New Perceptions group propagates responsibility, creates new structures and advocates for a sustainable and fairer world.

In the exhibition, established and newer positions, painting and social media feeds come into an exciting exchange. Deliberately subjective and polyphonic, the fragmented portrait of a multifaceted generation is thus drawn. On view are works by Maxwell Alexandre, Aiden Arata, Berg&Høeg, Clément Cogitore, Felix d’Eon, Sam Durant, Valentin Goppel, Yu Ji, Shintaro Kagō, Mikhail Karikis, Shaquille-Aaron Keith, Mary Reid Kelly, Patrick Kelley, Bjørn Melhus, Toni Minge, Zanele Muholi, Edvard Munch, Hayat Murad, Ahmet Öğüt, Clara Rilke-Westhoff, Calida Rawes, Julika Rudelius, Adrienne Salinger, River Simmons, Wolfgang Tillmans, Sophie Utikal, Kehinde Wiley, Anna Witt, Tom Wood, Francesca Woodman, Faina Yunusova, Christina S. Zhu, Adlan Ziadi-Mansri.

Would you like to hear what the young curators of New Perceptions think about the artworks? Are you interested in the process of creating the exhibition? On the free Art Surfer there are interviews with the members of the Youth Curatorship in a short podcast format (in German):

Videos of the podcast audio guide recordings are available on our YouTube channel.

(Fig. top of page: Ahmet Öğüt, United, 2016/17, HD-Animation, Video still, Courtesy of the artist | Fig. exhibition overview: Valentin Goppel, from the series between the years, 2021, © Valentin Goppel | Photo Podcast:

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Generation* - Exhibition Booklet German
Generation* - Exhibition Booklet German
Youth vs. Crisis - Exhibition Booklet English
Youth vs. Crisis - Exhibition Booklet English
Youth vs. Crisis - Comments New Perceptions
Youth vs. Crisis - Comments New Perceptions